Do not be conformed to this world.


Renewed Counseling is a faith-based non-profit clinical practice in the business of restoring hope. We believe in the resiliency of people to overcome adversity. When given tools and affirmations, people have the power to rise above and take control. Faith is renewed and hope restored. We serve individuals, couples, and families who are motivated to learn; we want to help you cope with your daily challenges and enhance your quality of life. It is our greatest pleasure to serve the communities of Brevard County.

Renewed Counseling is part of Project Rise, a non-profit organization that empowers others and promotes a brighter future. Being kingdom focused, we aim to meet the needs of our community, by providing food, clothing, and shelter through Project Rise, and counseling, life skills training and career/job development through Renewed Counseling. As we continue to expand, programs offered will serve the following populations: homeless, adolescents who have aged out foster care, human trafficking victims, and more.


Meet The Staff


Sarai Escarment, M.S., LMHC

Executive Director/Therapist

At some point in our lives, we could all use a little help. It is my pleasure to provide just that. I have been passionate for some time now about helping people reach their potential. Whether it's a tune up, or extensive therapy, I'm here to help. I have over 10 years experience working with children and adolescents struggling with behavioral issues and learning disabilities. Furthermore, I have over 8 years experience working with all populations struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, addiction, relationship/family conflict, grief, spirituality conflicts, and adjustment issues, and am also a part of a trauma team. I’ve been privileged to speak at several events throughout the community, and enjoy giving talks about mental health. My mission is to share an understanding that you matter; I just need for you to let me show you why!


Damaris Escarment, M.A., LMHC


I understand it can be difficult to connect, open and trust someone with your feelings, thoughts, and fears. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible by being open, compassionate, and educational while offering unbiased ear. I have 8 years experience working with children, adolescents and young adults struggling with adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, relationship/family conflict and spirituality. I also have a history of working with children with special needs. I have clinical experience working in outpatient and inpatient settings. This is your season and I’m here to guide you through it!


Symone Mendez, M.A., LMHC


Not only do people need someone in which they can trust, they need someone who will simply listen. I thank God for blessing me with ears to do just that. I have been licensed for over a year and I have both inpatient and outpatient mental health experience. I enjoy providing counseling to adolescents and young adults, although I do work with most ages. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral therapy in working with areas such as depression, anxiety and self esteem building. I also specialize in social media influences and the millennial generation. Whether you're going through a significant time in your life or you just need to bounce something off of someone who is completely unbiased, I'd like to be that person for you!


Karen Delos Santos, M.A., LMHC Therapist

I have over 10 years of experience treating people who are dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, women's issues, PTSD, and relationship conflict. These symptoms or circumstances often surround a variety of events and typically affect many aspects of our lives, preventing us from living to our fullest potential. I enjoy working with individuals one on one, as well as with families and relationship counseling (this also includes premarital counseling, couples counseling, parenting, and adapting to healthy co-parenting after separation/divorce). I also work extensively with first responders, in therapy, as well as critical incident stress debriefings and mental health trainings. I truly believe that, at any given time, the vast majority of us are doing the best that we can, with what we have to work with. TODAY is a great day to make a change and I would love to help you do just that. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. You are worth it!